WSH Files Suit to Extend Community Redevelopment Act for Pompano Beach


Redevelopment is important in many cities – Pompano Beach is no exception.  But there, the Community Redevelopment Act (CRA) is scheduled to ‘sunset’ in 2019.   The issues at stake have come to light with the filing of a suit where Pompano Beach and the CRA are suing the county.  The CRA uses tax dollars and wants to continue its redevelopments efforts through 2040 – twenty one years longer than the CRA is scheduled to last.

Jamie Cole filed the suit in Broward County Circuit Court, so now it’s up to a judge to allow the CRA to continue its redevelopment efforts.  The lawsuit asserts that when the CRA was first founded, back in 1980, Broward County gave Pompano Beach the authority to adopt and modify its redevelopment plan – and that includes the extension of its life. 

A number of redevelopment projects depend on the longevity of the CRA. 


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