HOA Leader, A Top Publication In The Homeowner Arena, Uses Insight From Joshua Krut In Its First Issue Of The Year

HOA Leader, which bills itself as “the practical guide to homeowner association management” featured five great New Year’s resolutions in its first edition of the year.  Prominently featured was Joshua Krut, chair of the firm’s Community Association, Club & Resort Practice group.

Josh tells readers of HOA Leader that taking a course is required in Florida for new HOA board members.  “That’s a good way to learn the basics,” he says.  He also counsels boards against making decisions by e-mail.  Despite the desire to conduct business electronically, he says that an open board meeting is essential for a vote.   “If boards really want to do that [vote via email], which we don’t advise, they need to ratify those decisions at their next meeting.  Otherwise, they could be challenged,” he says. 

Josh is regularly quoted in the media.  He has a recurrent column in the Aventura News where he provides advice on everything from dog ownership to handling abandoned units to best practice on removing a member of the board of directors.



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