DBR Recognizes WSH as One of the Ten Most Diverse Law Firms in South Florida

On January 23, the Daily Business Review released the names of the 25 most diverse law firms in South Florida.  This year, WSH was named the 10th most diverse firm, coming ahead of large law firms such as Greenberg Traurig, Akerman Senterfitt, and Becker & Poliakoff. 

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Palm Beach County Jury Finds That Municipality Did Not Selectively Enforce Its Building Code Nor Retaliate Against Home Owners

Recently, Daniel L. Abbott and Daniel A. Seigel successfully defended the Town of Manalapan in Palm Beach County and its elected officials in a jury trial brought by a home owner who attempted to build an oceanfront pool cabana without a permit.  After proving at trial that there were no "similarly situated" properties, no selective enforcement, and no retaliation by the Town or its officials, the jury returned a complete defense verdict.

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