More Clubs File for Bankruptcy as Refundable Membership Deposit Structures Nosedive

As refundable membership deposit structure has tumbled in popularity, many membership deposit clubs find themselves filing for bankruptcy in an effort to restructure their liabilities. Before the economic downturn, refundable membership deposit structures were the preferred method of financing for clubs. A club would charge a membership deposit to join the club, which would be repaid in thirty years or after the member’s resignation from the club or death. In order for the structure to work, new members would have to join so that resigning members could receive their repayments. However, as resigning members began to outnumber new members, many outgoing members had to wait longer for their refunds. In 2007, membership market prices fell further, affecting the market for club properties.

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South Florida Local Governments: Take Heed From Largest US Municipal Bankruptcy

The recent spate of ruptured water lines and sewer breaks in Broward County underscores the challenge of replacing, upgrading and ultimately financing our aging sewer infrastructure in the midst of a recession. Jefferson County, Alabama filed for protection under chapter 9 of the United States Bankruptcy Code in November. Listing $4.15 billion in debt, it is the largest municipal bankruptcy filing in U.S. History. The catalyst was its inability to address a staggering $3 billion in sewer financing obligations.

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