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WSHC+B partner D. Porpoise Evans was quoted by the Daily Business Review discussing the impacts a recent proposed rule made by the U.S. Labor Department will have on businesses and employees. The proposal makes it more likely a worker will be classified as an employee rather than an independent contractor. Experts predict this will likely affect rideshare drivers, as well as workers in other professions, and contentious litigation will follow if the proposal becomes a final rule. 

In the article, Porpoise suggested that “once the rule becomes final, the average person trying to make ends meet will not ‘pay much attention to it until they get hurt, they get fired, or the IRS comes after them for back taxes.’”

Porpoise is a partner in the Firm’s Labor & Employment and Litigation Divisions. His practice focuses on the representation of public and private companies in connection with employment matters, government investigations, and legal disputes. 

To read the original article in the Daily Business Review, click here.

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