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In a story published by the Miami Herald, D. Porpoise Evans discussed what to expect if an employer mandates vaccinations against COVID-19, as concerns over the more contagious Delta variant grow.

Although Florida’s ban on vaccine passports prohibits businesses and government entities from requiring customers to show proof of vaccination to get service, businesses are still allowed to mandate vaccines for employees.

Porpoise discussed one of the common questions he is getting from clients, including vaccination incentives, as employers are torn between requiring or strongly urging vaccinations.

“Cash bonuses, gift cards and extra time off are all incentives employers can offer workers who get vaccinated,” Porpoise said. He added “however, businesses need to ensure the incentives aren’t so tempting that it could be seen as too much pressure on employees to get vaccinated.”

Employers are also able to issue soft mandates which gives workers the option to either get vaccinated or have additional restrictions, including weekly testing.

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