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The Firm along with other members of the Florida Association of Managing Partners (FAMP), issued the following statement on diversity in the legal profession.

As we continue to navigate uncharted waters, we find ourselves confronting new challenges. The recent instances of police using excessive force, and the ongoing protests against racial injustice that have erupted around the country and the world, have made us think of what we can do as lawyers to help make our community free of racial injustice and intolerance, and equally welcoming to all members of our community.

The Florida Association of Managing Partners is a group of managing partners of midsize law firms in Florida. We created FAMP to collaborate on important issues that affect our firms. We have discussed various topics over the years, including diversity in the legal profession. It is now obvious to us that diversity is more important than ever. Diversity at our firms makes it possible to sympathize and empathize with others who are different from us. It helps us be better lawyers for our clients and better members of the legal community. We recognize that we have a strong platform and can do more – much more – towards advancing diversity and inclusion in the profession.

Lawyers are trained to argue, debate and advocate. At this time, however, we need to listen more than we need to talk. We need and want to do more. We need to embrace diversity of thought. We need to be kind to one another. We need to take steps to make sure that the legal profession, at all levels, reflects the rich diversity of our community.

We can do better.

We must do better.

We will do better.

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