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In a story published by the Sun Sentinel and the Orlando Sentinel, Porpoise Evans, a member of WSHC+B’s Labor & Employment team, discussed how the battle between the Biden Administration’s vaccination mandate and Governor Ron Desantis’ conflicting laws is affecting health care providers. 

After the Biden Administration mandated COVID-19 vaccinations of eligible staff at health care facilities that participate in the Medicare and Medicaid programs, Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration sent an email threatening Florida health care providers with fines if they comply with a federal vaccination mandate.

Porpoise commented that if health care providers absorb heavy fines from the state, they could be driven out of business and “everybody could end up out of a job.” He said most employers are not inclined to fire workers for refusing a COVID shot.

“The vast majority of my clients have zero interest in terminating people,” he said.

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