International Group

South Florida sits at the Intersection of Florida, Latin America, and the World. Business, culture, finance, investments, real estate, and trade all meet, mix and thrive at our doorstep. As the "Capital of the Americas," the Miami area is the place for commerce, whether it is based here, managed here, financed here, or problems are resolved here. Our firm is highly experienced and well-positioned to serve the interests of those doing business here and across the globe.

Our International Group assists and represents entrepreneurs, private businesses, publicly traded companies, financial institutions, and other venturers doing business across international borders. Whether contracting, buying, selling, or licensing goods and services, importing/exporting through our ports or transportation system, investing in or developing real estate, or banking or establishing companies here, we have the deep experience and keen focus to help our clients meet their goals. When the best of plans go awry, we are fully armed to arbitrate or litigate the most complex disputes – or the simplest – in our local tribunals, and throughout the world.

Our dispute resolution services stand at the core of our cross-border practice. We represent everyone from individuals to sovereign nations in matters of private and public importance. Disputes arising on nearly every continent, in multiple languages, entailing the laws of many jurisdictions. Issues as simple as non-payment of commercial paper and as complex as multi-national arbitraged fraudulent tax shelters. And issues as intriguing as war crimes. With a wealth of experience and training across commercial, political, financial, and other disciplines, our team of seasoned litigation and arbitration specialists stands ready to pursue or defend disputes locally, nationally, and internationally.

While more business than ever is conducted in English, we also serve our clients' comfort by speaking their native tongue, whether it is Spanish, Portugese, French, Italian, Creole or Greek. As residents and ambassadors of the World's commercial portal, we believe that we can provide the very best professional services when we best understand our clients' needs and goals.