Miami makes a bid for the 2019 Super Bowl

It’s been four years since Miami has hosted a Super Bowl, and as it looks now, Miami won’t see another Super Bowl until 2019.

The reason: an aging stadium and no funding from the City of Miami for the $350 million renovation plan.

Recently, Miami Dolphin owner Steven Ross and Miami officials have agreed that Ross will use private dollars to fund the renovations and Miami will provide a subsidy program in which tax dollars will be awarded to the Dolphins for each major event help at the stadium. If the stadium wins the bid for Super Bowl 2019, the subsidy would result in a $4 million paycheck from the City of Miami to the Miami Dolphins.

The Super Bowl means big money for South Florida. WSH sports and entertainment partners Richard Jay Weiss and Alan Fertel understand the importance of hosting a sporting event this big and how great it is for the community as a whole.

As we move closer to learning if Miami will be a Super Bowl city host in the near future, we will keep you updated as we anxiously await an answer. 

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