Red Camera Violators Get Partial Refund From City of Hallandale Beach

On November 2, City Commissioners in Hallandale Beach approved a settlement that would enable red camera violators cited by the City before July 2010 to each receive $20 refunds for issued citations. Hallandale Beach is one of several Florida municipalities hit with a class action lawsuit filed by red camera violators; earlier this summer, Pembroke Pines agreed to a similar partial refund. The Hallandale Beach action alleged that the City implemented red light camera ticketing before July 2010, when state law gave the green light to the cameras. American Traffic Solutions (ATS), which installs and operates the cameras, is also a named defendant in the lawsuit, and will have to pay $43,221 to the drivers. Michael S. Popok, Partner-in Charge of WSH’s Miami-Dade office, stated that the drivers could receive forms informing drivers how to collect their refunds by early next year.

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Author(s): Brooke P. Dolara