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Partner Susan Trevarthen was published in the American Planners Association blog titled “Fighting for Federal Support: Planners Speak Out.” In the blog post, planners across the country, who are seeing the initial impact of COVID-19 from the front lines, offer their perspectives on the need for flexible federal emergency funding for state and local governments.

Susan writes to Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida about the critical need for flexible resources:

“I am concerned that the combination of skyrocketing costs for local services and plummeting revenues will soon hinder local leaders’ ability to protect and maintain important government services and to move toward a recovery that begins with planning.

“It’s for these reasons that I urge your support for prioritizing more funding and flexibility for localities of all sizes and states in the next wave of coronavirus relief aid. I also urge you to make sure that such funding can be used for the salaries of community planners and other expenses of planning functions.”

Susan has been a member of the American Planners Association since 1990. Click here to read the full blog.

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