Rothstein Continues to Lie; Media Excoriates Him Over Dubious Deposition Testimony

In his recent deposition testimony, confessed liar and Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein hurled unsubstantiated accusations at executives and bankers, alleging they were complicit in his $1.2 million Ponzi scheme.

Rothstein claims that he is revealing the truth to avoid spending the rest of his life in prison, but his testimony conflicts with admissions in his own correspondence with potential targets. For example, Rothstein testified that Gilbraltar Bank market manager John Harris destroyed incriminating documents to protect Rothstein; this accusation conflicts with an e-mail authored by Harris in which he accuses Rothstein of check kiting. Rothstein now claims that investment advisor Frank Preve was involved with the Ponzi scheme, but this allegation directly contradicts an e-mail sent by Rothstein to Preve in which he acknowledges Preve did nothing wrong.

WSH Partner-in-Charge Michael S. Popok, who represents Harris, acknowledges these blatant inconsistencies further tarnish Rothstein’s battered credibility.  Noting that Rothstein has admitted to being a "liar, thief and scumbag," Michael responded that the deposition testimony deserved no credence whatsoever.

You can read more about Rothstein's deposition testimony here.

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Author(s): Brooke P. Dolara