Jamie Cole, John Quick, Adam Schwartzbaum Successful in Lawsuit Regarding Governmental Powers in Collier County Circuit Court

Managing Director Jamie Cole, Partner John Quick, and Associate Adam Schwartzbaum were successful in a major and important lawsuit today regarding governmental powers in Collier County Circuit Court.  The Clerk of Courts had sued the County Manager (our client) seeking to declare that he was violating the law by making small purchases (and entering into associated contracts) under $50,000 pursuant to a delegation of authority from the County Commission.  The Clerk alleged that the County Administration Law did not allow such a delegation of authority, and that all purchases/contracts had to be approved by the County Commission.  The Clerk also asserted that the accounts payable process was improper.  

The Circuit Court Judge rejected all of the Clerk's arguments, entering final judgment in favor of the County Manager (and the County).

Categories: Municipal Litigation
Tags: Jamie A. ColeJohn J. Quick