Alan Fertel Interviewed By WIOD & WQAM Sports Talk Radio Stations

Chair of our Sports and Entertainment Law Group, Alan Fertel, was interviewed by both WIOD and WQAM sports talk radio stations regarding the Urban Meyer/Zach Smith scandal at Ohio State University. He provided commentary on the Ohio State University "independent" Investigation, conduct that causes a breach of coaching contracts, morals clauses, Title IX violations, the NCAA, the  importance of accurately getting out in front of a story, accountability  and damage control.  Alan discussed the incredible power of successful college football coaches and the appropriate way to conduct a Title IX investigation in the current "politically correct" environment.  Alan used his experience in drafting and litigating  morals clauses and coaching/athletic director contracts to  provide insight on these issues, as well as the effect of  the recent ”me too” movement and  improper conduct of various athletes in violation of their morals clauses to explain the legal consequences  and potential ramifications of violating such clauses.

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