WSH Labor Attorneys Win Arbitration For City of Lauderhill

On April 11, 2013, attorneys Brett J. Schneider and Alison F. Smith obtained a significant arbitration victory for the City of Lauderhill, in a case involving a former City police officer who was terminated because he admitted to engaging in criminal activity while on duty as a Lauderhill police officer while underdoing polygraph examinations in connection with jobs he was seeking with two other Florida law enforcement agencies. In his defense, the employee claimed that he fabricated stories about engaging in criminal activity during those polygraph examinations because he wanted to fail the polygraph examinations, as he was no longer interested in working for those agencies. The City argued that it had just cause to terminate the employee because, whether he had in fact engaged in criminal activity on duty or had lied about doing so, neither lying nor engaging in criminal activity is a trait that any law enforcement officer should possess. The arbitrator agreed and denied the employee’s grievance in its entirety, holding that, as a law enforcement officer, the employee was required to demonstrate honesty and integrity and, failing that, could not have his employment salvaged by the City.

Chaired by Partner Brett J. Schneider, WSH’s Labor and Employment Law Group has significant experience representing municipalities in traditional labor law matters. The Group routinely handles arbitrations and civil service board and other administrative hearings for our public sector clients. Additionally, our attorneys regularly serve as chief negotiators on behalf of management in collective bargaining, and they conduct post-negotiation training of supervisory personnel to assist in ensuring that the collectively bargained changes are properly implemented. The Group regularly drafts employee handbooks, manuals, policies and procedures governing a wide array of workplace issues.

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Author(s): Brett J. Schneider