Road to The World Cup 2026 Focus Group

Business Transactions Division

The FIFA World Cup is coming to Miami in 2026, and WSHC+B has the expertise to provide public and private entities with legal services related to this highly anticipated event. The whole world will be focused on Miami as one of the most high-profile North American cities hosting games, and participating teams, athletes, countries, businesses, advertisers, and sponsors will have to navigate major logistical, legal, and government affairs that require particular experience across multiple practice areas.

WSHC+B is known for being at the crossroads of business, government, and the law and is at the forefront of navigating the complex legal and governmental landscape surrounding global events hosted in the United States and neighboring countries.

Our Road to The World Cup team is composed of professionals practicing in the areas of governmental affairs, sports and entertainment, immigration, intellectual property, business transactions, labor & employment, and real property. Our attorneys are equipped to handle a variety of legal matters including helping:

  • Logistics, permitting, and public space use agreements for major public events
  • Businesses that need to acquire specialized licenses and permits
  • Companies looking to sponsor the FIFA World Cup
  • Athletes or businesses applying for visas or facing immigration issues
  • Athletes who are negotiating endorsement deals
  • Governments and businesses seeking private-public partnership opportunities
  • Organizations that need assistance negotiating land use and construction agreements

Our diverse and talented group of attorneys has earned strong accolades when it comes to representing stakeholders and producers in events around Florida. We have played key roles in various stages of event planning, promotion, and final production of Super Bowls, NBA championships, Miss Universe, Formula 1 races, Art Basel Miami Beach, NASCAR, Miami Caribbean Carnival, international tennis tournaments, and the Miami International Boat Show, to name a few.  We have also helped our clients navigate the challenges of balancing neighborhood quality of life with the economic growth opportunities presented by these world-class events.

Our team works with athletes, international governments, local governments, and businesses on matters such as obtaining site control and permitting for major public events; transportation agreements; assisting in government procurement procedures and compliance matters; negotiating sponsorship or endorsement agreements; developing immigration plans for the movement of talent and personnel; drafting international commercial contracts, public-private partnerships, and more. Our lawyers speak French, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish and Hebrew.

We are committed to providing comprehensive legal solutions to individuals, organizations, and stakeholders involved in all aspects of the World Cup 2026 and look forward to assisting you!

Information About the 2026 World Cup

The World Cup will be held in three host countries: the United States, Mexico, and Canada from June 11 to July 19, 2026. As the largest FIFA World Cup with forty-eight (48) participating teams, the 2026 World Cup will draw millions of visitors and the support of numerous local and multinational sponsors. Time is of the essence for both public and private entities to begin working on strategic initiatives to capitalize on the many upcoming opportunities this event will provide.

Miami has been selected as one of 16 host cities in the United States and the Hard Rock stadium in Miami Gardens will be the venue for matches. Other locales in Miami-Dade County and around South Florida, including those surrounding major transportation hubs, universities, and other public venues, will benefit from the hosting of this international sporting event.

Our Insight

Time is of the essence for public and private entities to begin working on strategic initiatives to capitalize on the many upcoming opportunities the 2026 World Cup will provide.



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