Alcoholic Beverage Licensing

Property Division

We understand that in Florida the survival and success of an establishment in the dining, entertainment, and lodging industries can depend entirely on the ability to sell and serve alcoholic beverages. It is critically important to us to work with our clients to obtain and preserve the necessary state permits and local approvals.

Our team counsels restaurants, bars, nightclubs, entertainment establishments, hotels, and retailers on navigating the maze of state and local laws that regulate alcohol sales. With former regulators, seasoned land use and zoning attorneys, experienced real estate lawyers and administrative law attorneys on our team, we provide clients with a resource of skills \ almost impossible to find anywhere else.

We guide clients through the local permitting process throughout South Florida, including obtaining special exception approvals to allow proposed alcohol establishments, waivers to reduce or eliminate spacing requirements between such establishments, and approvals to extend hours of operation. These include both administrative approvals and approvals issued after public hearings. Once construction has commenced, we help secure building permits, operating licenses and Certificates of Occupancy and Use. At the state level, we obtain or amend licensing with the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco and the Division of Hotels and Restaurants. Where the government has alleged you’re your alcohol sales and services are noncompliant, we counsel you on resolving the alleged violations, promptly bringing you back to business as usual.

We also provide guidance with respect to purchases, sales and transfers of state-issued liquor licenses, as well as with the purchase and sale of alcoholic beverage establishments.


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