Eminent Domain Defense and Protection of Private Property Rights

Property Division

We are one of the few firms in the state that have a practice group exclusively dedicated to eminent domain, along with a full team of attorneys that are skilled in closely related practice areas including real estate, land use, property rights litigation, and inverse condemnation. We represent parties from pre-acquisition strategy through litigation in both the public and private sector and in regulated industries. Our diverse and expansive experience gives us a perspective to provide you with a unique advantage that other firms in Florida cannot provide.

Because we understand what can be lost and how much you can be impacted by a proposed acquisition, regardless of whether you are a private property owner, a sole proprietor, or a Fortune 500 executive, we first look to avoid or diminish the impact of proposed takings. We routinely assist our clients in pre-acquisition strategy and in negotiations with public sector representatives who seek to acquire land, businesses, and private property rights.

When litigation is necessary, our attorneys have a proven track record of protecting clients who own properties and run businesses. One of our key objectives is to maximize full compensation payable to you under the law.  We are well versed in, and have a long history of successfully litigating, all types of compensation and damage claims, such as special purpose land valuations, business damages, cost to cure property damages, relocation and moving expenses, and valuation of equipment, trade fixtures, and personal property.

As Florida becomes more complex and property becomes increasingly expensive, it is more important than ever to have lawyers who know the process inside and out. With experience counseling both public and private sector clients, our team is positioned to successfully handle even the most unorthodox matters.

Our Insight

Governments often act on a different timetable than do private sector actors, so patience is critical.



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