Public/Private Partnership (P3) Transactions

Property Division

Public/private partnerships (P3s) have become increasingly popular as an effective way to build major infrastructure projects, expand public services and generate revenue, but there is a complex relationship behind these deals. We have a long history of representing government and corporate clients, gaining trust from elected officials and business executives alike. This puts our lawyers in a better position than any other group in the state to provide counsel on both sides.

Our attorneys have been instrumental in arranging some of Florida’s most high-profile and complex P3 transactions, including representing a major international airline in connection with the construction of a $1.5 billion airport expansion in partnership with Miami-Dade County and representing an international surface transportation vendor in connection with its contract to design and oversee the overhaul of Miami-Dade County’s Metro-rail and Metro-mover system. We also represented Informa Markets, the organization that produces the Miami International Yacht Show, during their move from Miami Beach to downtown Miami. We successfully obtained all required permits and agreements from city, county, state, and federal government agencies, as well as from three private property owners, all within eight months of the event date.

Some of our most successful projects were born out of brainstorming sessions with our clients that were later presented to the public sector as unsolicited offers. The success of P3 transactions relies heavily on a delicate balance of mutually-rewarding results for private and public sector parties. Our local government track record gives us a high level of credibility with government officials and stakeholders who can often be essential in moving a new proposal forward and gaining the approvals required at each level of government. Our real estate, land use, environmental, construction and business lawyers can handle from there each step of the process from planning to completion and operation, and we can help keep the relationship with government strong throughout the life of the project.

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