Family and Matrimonial Law

Because our families are at the center of our lives, family and matrimonial legal issues require an enhanced level of sensitivity and care.  Our family law lawyers combine that sensitivity with the experience and knowledge required to deal with all of the emotional, financial and practical aspects of divorce, child custody disputes, pre-nuptial agreements, and other family legal matters.  

We are skilled and aggressive trial lawyers and knowledgable counselors, but we listen, counsel and litigate with the compassion necessary to handle contentious family law matters where the personal stakes often outweigh financial considerations.  We handle divorces, business valuation disputes, alimony, child-support and custody, time-sharing agreements, domestic violence injunctions, enforcement, contempt motions and modification of existing orders and judgments.  We seek cooperation and agreement wherever possible, and are fully prepared to seek court relief where necessary.  We are your advocates working to protect and further your best interest and to bring calm and comfort to what is often a turbulent and life changing event.

We are equipped to assist clients in large complex dissolutions with large marital estates, and simpler, uncontested agreements over child visitation or individual assets.   We are sensitive to  the importance of maintaining relationships with children, child and adult, throughout the process.  We represent international clients and work closely with forensic accountants and other experts to assist our clients in aggressively prosecuting contested cases in the most cost-effective way possible.  We counsel clients to avoid conflict and try to resolve cases through settlement and at mediation whenever possible, but we are always prepared to resolve the matter in court if necessary. 

We understand these matters from the clients’ perspective because some of us have been the client in a divorce proceeding or experienced a divorce as a child.  We are able to view the problems and solutions from the point of view of a parent, a child and an advocate, so we get better outcomes and provide a better experience for our clients. 

We value and respect your trust and we will do everything in our power to represent you with zeal and compassion.