Real Estate, Land Use and Zoning Disputes

Litigation Division

Real estate, land use and zoning have been core practices of our firm for decades. Our litigators, working alongside our teams with deep experience in these areas, have helped shape Florida real estate and land use law. Because our clients face a constant threat of litigation, there is a critical need to have an experienced attorney who can provide guidance at every step of the way.

Our lawyers have dealt with a number of high-profile matters. For example, we were lead counsel in a seminal case involving unique issues with group homes relating to the intersection between land use and the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Fair Housing Amendments Act. We have also successfully defeated numerous Bert J. Harris Act and takings claims, both through settlements and courtroom victories. And we have developed and implemented strategies to regulate and contain land uses protected by the First Amendment, which are then defended and enforced by our litigators. Because of our success in these areas, our lawyers have been hired to consult for dozens of local governments in Florida regarding these issues.

We combine our experience in bankruptcy, code compliance, real estate, land use and zoning to develop comprehensive strategies for resolving distressed properties through local action up to and including initiating litigation, if needed. We are frequently asked to defend local decisions against attack by either applicants or third parties, and have extensive experience with the specialized claims that arise in these cases, such as petitions for writs of certiorari and comprehensive plan challenges. Our expertise in real estate and property law has been leveraged in litigation over complicated issues of beachfront ownership, beach restoration and coastal development.

We are able to help with many different types of cases, such as challenges to land development regulations, zoning and land use appeals, challenges to master plan amendments, and challenges to zoning rulings. We also work on cases involving water rights, environmental law issues, federal claims arising from land use approvals, First Amendment violations, as well as challenges to quasi-judicial rulings of local governing bodies.

Having argued cases in front of the Florida Supreme Court, we are not hesitant to take a case to trial and beyond—especially considering our track record for successful verdicts and appellate court opinions—and we are always prepared to do so when necessary.

Our Insight

By working with a law firm that provides daily counsel and is capable of tackling the most complicated litigation matters, our clients experience a seamless transition from transaction to litigation to appeal, and position themselves for success.



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