Litigation Division

We practice in South Florida, where U.S. and Latin American business and legal interests converge. International business and culture meet, mix, and thrive at our doorstep. Whether your business is based here, managed here, or financed here, our lawyers are highly experienced and well-positioned to serve your interests throughout the region and across the globe, including in Europe and East Asia.

We understand you need us to listen, give candid advice, and formulate and implement strategies to achieve successful outcomes as swiftly and cost-effectively as possible. Putting our clients’ interests first, we offer strong legal representation to overcome challenges and pave a smooth path to the finish line.

Our clients include entrepreneurs, private businesses, publicly traded companies, and financial institutions doing business across borders. Dispute resolution stands at the core of our cross-border practice. We are fully prepared to arbitrate or litigate the most complex disputes – or the simplest – in local tribunals and throughout the world. We aid individuals, businesses, and sovereign nations with matters of private and public importance, in disputes arising on nearly every continent, in multiple languages, and under the laws of many jurisdictions. We’ve helped companies with issues as simple as non-payment of commercial paper, as complex as multi-national arbitraged fraudulent tax shelters, and as intriguing as war crimes.

Our lawyers speak French, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish and Hebrew.

Our Insight

Invest in risk avoidance through wise preparation before problems arise. And deal with budding problems assertively, before they mushroom into major conflicts.



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