Eminent Domain and Property Acquisition

Litigation Division

Regardless of whether we are representing our many public sector and regulated industry clients, or our private property and business owner clients, litigation often is necessary. Our practice group attorneys have recovered multi-million dollar jury verdicts and defended against multi-million dollar claims to verdict. Our collective eminent domain litigation expertise covers thousands of land parcels over a span of more than 50 years. Our eminent domain and property acquisition attorneys are particularly adept in the vital phases of eminent domain and property acquisition litigation: negotiation, discovery, mediation, trial, and appeal.

As Florida becomes even more heavily populated and property becomes increasingly expensive, it is more important than ever to engage lawyers with a proven litigation track record in eminent domain litigation. We are well-versed in, and have a long history of successfully litigating, all types of compensation and damage claims, such as special purpose land valuations, business damages, cost to cure property damages, relocation and moving expenses, and valuation of equipment, trade fixtures, and personal property. Our expertise extends to related property acquisition litigation, such as inverse condemnation and Bert J. Harris Act claims.  With experience litigating on behalf of both public and private sector clients, our team is positioned to successfully handle even the most complex eminent domain and property acquisition litigation matters.



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