Constitutional Law

When their rights have been violated or when they have been falsely accused of violating another's constitutional rights, clients in Florida seek us out.  We are experienced in representing the interests of our business clients in issues such as:

  • Civil rights claims
  • Defense of employment discrimination
  • Free Exercise and Establishment of Religion Claims
  • Eminent domain/government takings and private property rights
  • Taxation
  • First Amendment issues
  • Election law
  • Interstate commerce
  • Public Forum Issues
  • Selective enforcement of the law
  • Separation of powers

We defend organizations and entities against constitutional challenges to their policies, procedures and practices, such as in §1983 cases, as well as businesses facing discrimination and retaliation claims.

As experienced constitutional litigators, we also mount constitutional challenges to legislative actions. We can analyze whether a law or government regulation results in depriving our clients of rights guaranteed by the Florida or U.S. Constitution and fight to change them when they do.