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WSHC+B partner and managing director of the firm’s Fort Lauderdale office, Jamie A. Cole, spoke with ABC 27 about mask mandate policies in schools and the Department of Health rules.  Jamie and the firm are representing a number of school districts, including the Leon County School District, with respect to their mask mandate and other COVID policies.

When ABC 27 asked about the Executive Order issued by the Florida Department of Health that gives parents the authority to determine whether or not their child wears a mask at school, Jamie explained that “the Department of Health is only allowed to issue rules to protect against communicable diseases. That portion of the rule does not protect against communicable diseases.”

Jamie continued to explain that parents don’t have a right when it infringes on another parent’s right.

At the time of this interview, the first district court of appeals reinstated Florida’s ability to protect the freedom for parents to decide whether or not their child wears a mask while the court makes their own ruling on the appeal.

The policy in question hinges on how much authority a school district will have going forward on matters of protecting students.

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