Governmental Litigation

As one of Florida’s most esteemed municipal government-oriented  law firms, our experience in governmental litigation is extensive. We are involved in the defense of municipalities and governmental agencies in all areas of liability. We also defend elected officials, employees, individual departments, branches and divisions in both State and Federal courts at the trial and appellate levels.  Our representation includes defense of law enforcement personnel in the areas of false arrest, excessive force, malicious prosecution and battery, especially in Section 1983 actions.

We specialize in cases involving negligence, tort liability, complex constitutional law issues, sovereign immunity, qualified immunity, civil rights, as well as torts, and common law claims.  Our litigators have extensive experience in a wide array of issues such as violations of Constitutional Rights, including the First, Fourth, Fifth, Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments, racial discrimination, gender discrimination and disability discrimination.

Our trial lawyers have litigated cases up to the Florida Supreme Court in all areas of concern to local government including: 

  • The imposition of municipal taxes
  • Special versus general law
  • Sovereign immunity
  • Election law
  • Special assessment
  • Safe water issues
  • Government health insurance plans
  • County fiscal responsibility