Code Enforcement

Government Division

When it comes to enforcing city code provisions, nothing is more important than experience. Our code enforcement lawyers have a strong track record, having handled thousands of code enforcement matters for our municipal clients. We understand that depending on the character of your community,  your needs will vary — whether you are on an island with a small population of full-time residents, a number of waterways and lots of tourists, or in an inland city that borders the Everglades and consists primarily of gated residential development.

Our lawyers are thought leaders in the industry and can provide guidance on constantly evolving code violation issues. Vacation rentals and sober homes have created gray areas when it comes to state and federal laws, but our team can guide you through the applicable laws and different local codes. We also assist in using code enforcement powers to regulate the residency of sexual offenders and implement other safety measures designed to protect the health, safety and welfare of your residents.

Our Insight

Make sure your municipal code provisions are carefully drafted in a manner that can be easily interpreted and enforced. Make sure your code officers have proper training in consistent code enforcement, and when possible, reach out to legal counsel to address any uncertainties before proceeding with enforcement notices and orders.



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