Government Division

When elected or appointed government officials are facing an ethics investigation in Florida, they frequently turn to our firm to provide guidance at the local and state levels. Our lawyers, led by the past executive director of the Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics and Public Trust, counsel clients being investigated by this very commission, as well as by the State of Florida Ethics Commission, and offer day-to-day guidance that allows government officials to make informed decisions while complying with applicable ethical standards.

We also assist local governmental entities in conducting investigations and issuing reports involving official misconduct. For example, the City of Miami Beach recently retained the firm to investigate 15 government contractors, some of whom were implicated in a major scandal with the City’s Procurement Director, issuing a comprehensive report pertaining to the investigation.

With substantial experience counseling both investigative agencies and subjects of investigations, our team is uniquely positioned to successfully handle the most sensitive matters.

We also represent lawyers in investigative and disciplinary proceedings by The Florida Bar, as well as professionals across multiple industries before the State of Florida Department of Professional Regulation.

Our Insight

When in doubt about a potential conflict of interest, seek advice before acting so you do not end up the subject of an administrative or criminal investigation for misconduct.  This is one instance where asking for forgiveness after the deed is not the most sage advice.



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