Mobility Solutions and Public Transportation

Government Division

Transportation is transforming and transformative. Along with housing, security and aesthetics, it is a key factor affecting quality of life in our cities. Technological innovation brings with it the need for public policy solutions to new problems like curb allocation, road capacity and funding of infrastructure that will ultimately be shared by many for-profit businesses. Our attorneys are at the forefront of this field, navigating the evolving legal and political terrain of the mobility landscape. We advise and advocate for mobility and infrastructure providers on government affairs, transactional law, and legal risk to help our clients create the most successful deployments and protect their interests in the event of disputes. We also represent government clients with the same zeal and energy in their dealings with vendors and other levels of government.

We have represented some of the country’s largest and most successful air carriers, ocean carriers, light rail carriers and manufacturers, engineering, design and construction firms, car rental agencies, automobile dealerships, and technology providers in connection with major public/private partnerships, contracts, litigation matters and legislative issues. We represent our clients in court and in front of government agencies at all levels, including counties, municipalities, state transportation departments, regional transit authorities and federal agencies. Some of our transportation-related work includes representing a major international airline in connection with the construction of a $1.5 billion airport expansion in partnership with Miami-Dade County and representing an international surface transportation vendor in connection with its contract to design and oversee the overhaul of Miami-Dade County’s Metro-rail and Metro-mover system. At present, we are focused on making mobility smarter, working with information technology providers that use data to make travel within the city or city to city safer, smoother and more convenient, with the ability to buy rides on multiple conveyances with a single click on a smartphone app. These are just a few examples of how we help our clients with large transportation projects. We are on your team throughout the life of your project, from the procurement phase through development and implementation and throughout the operation as needs arise.



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