Capital Improvement, Infrastructure Development & Project Management

Government Division

The firm’s day-to-day experience representing dozens of public sector clients makes our attorneys acutely aware of the capital improvement, infrastructure development, and project management demands facing local and regional governments, and the fiscal constraints that come along with those demands. After identifying desirable capital improvement and infrastructure development projects, we help you secure financing, acquire property and handle all legal aspects of project management.

Our attorneys counsel you on identifying and securing funding from a variety of local, state and federal sources, for example, transportation-related taxes and impact fees that are collected and shared among local governments. We also help you with the complex process of agency certification, a necessary step to securing funding from state and federal agencies.

When property is needed for construction of planned projects, such as roadways, infrastructure improvements and utility relocations, we assist in obtaining necessary rights, titles, and interests in real property through negotiated conveyance, condemnation and other statutory vehicles for acquiring property.



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