Governmental Affairs and Procurement

Government Division

Whether you are pursuing a government contract or a legislative solution to a problem that affects your business, our deep government experience gives us a special perspective and comprehensive understanding of its inner workings, laws and practices that allows us to provide you with a strategic advantage. We know how to navigate through the maze of bureaucratic rules, regulations and time delays that often stand in the way of successful private-public interactions. Our relationships with elected officials and their staff are built on trust and an understanding that we pursue our clients’ interests honestly and ethically.

Our team members are former state, county and city attorneys, and we advise businesses on public-private partnership transactions, obtaining, maintaining and performing government contracts, seeking legislative relief from burdensome regulations, compliance with licensing and regulatory requirements, and handling administrative proceedings.

For every issue, we start by devising a strategy. Sometimes we are able to resolve matters with a simple phone call, meeting or letter. Other times we assemble professional teams of lobbyists, engineers, public relations professionals and community activists to complete large-scale projects or transactions. Our attorneys have been instrumental in arranging some of Florida’s most high-profile and complex deals. For example, our representation of Cubic Transportation Systems resulted in an $80 million agreement to implement a state-of-the-art fare collection system for Miami-Dade Transit. Six years later, we won and negotiated a $60 million upgrade and extended the contract to other transit agencies.  We continue to work with Cubic to propose and implement new solutions as the state of the art in shared mobility rapidly evolves.

Whatever the situation, we know government and we bring all of our experience, knowledge and relationships to every matter we handle to help you successfully gain the government support and confidence necessary to achieve your goals.


Become ingrained in the community so that decision-makers have a face to associate with your name. Relationships are everything.



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