Government Affairs and Procurement

We represent businesses and individuals in their dealings with local, State and Federal government agencies, including in the procurement area. Whether you are pursuing a government contract or a legislative solution to a problem that affects your business we know how to navigate through the maze of bureaucratic rules, regulations, and time delays that often stand in the way of successful private/public relationships. We have considerable experience representing public sector clients which gives us a unique and intimate level of knowledge of the inner workings of government. This can bring tremendous advantages to our businesses clients.

Our attorneys include many former State, county and city attorneys, and businesses with government issues seek our legal and practical advice on P3 transactions, obtaining, maintaining, and performing government contracts, seeking legislative relief from burdensome regulations, licensing and regulatory compliance and handling administrative proceedings. Our unique blend of local-government and private sector representation allows us to give our business clients a special perspective and comprehensive understanding to their public/private interactions.

In addition to our knowledge and experience, we have established long-standing working relationships with the professional staffs of many government agencies and have strong personal relationships with elected and appointed decision-makers. We have built a solid reputation for integrity, fairness and honesty, and government officials trust us in our dealings with them.

We create effective strategies for each project. Sometimes a matter can be resolved with a simple phone call, meeting or letter. Other times we may need to assemble professional and effective teams of lobbyists, engineers, public relations professionals and community activists necessary to successfully complete large-scale projects or transactions. Whatever the case, we know government and we bring all of our experience, knowledge and relationships to every matter we handle and help our clients successfully gain the public and government support and confidence necessary to achieve their goals.