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In a story published by Florida Trend, Mitch explained that South Florida is moving faster than ever by promoting its micro-mobility, walkability, innovation, and aviation sectors.

“A most encouraging trend is a broad acceptance of public spending on shared mobility. We’re seeing Miami move faster than it has moved in years trying to get its South Dade TransitWay Corridor moving and trying to move forward a public-private partnership for the Beach Corridor and making serious moves on the North Corridor, as well as doing things to promote micro mobility,” Mitch said.

In addition to micro-mobility, Mitch discussed how walkability is being widely implemented in jurisdictions including Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Orange counties. For example, Broward County has created a funding source for all kinds of transportation improvements.

Beyond that, Mitch believes aviation trends will take off once people have their vaccinations. Another trend that is likely to come to fore is making commercial flying more luxurious or service-oriented for those who can afford it.

“Miami recently put in a request for letters of interest to develop a new VIP terminal, which would not be connected to the regular terminal,” Mitch said. “Then the fliers who were willing to pay for that experience would be able to board the first-class cabin separately right from the tarmac.”

While these mobility and travel improvements will take time, he believes that the public wants them, which may lead to bigger investments on the federal level.

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