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Alison Smith is joining forces with the Broward County Bar Association (BCBA) to bring the Ignite Your Passion speaker series to minority students at Broward College.

Ignite Your Passion will offer Broward College students the opportunity to hear from people of different backgrounds, from attorneys to doctors to tech entrepreneurs and beyond, on a monthly basis. The program is expected to have a mentoring component so students are able to receive one-on-one time with South Florida’s most successful people. Ignite Your Passion was designed to grant students a gateway to hear from leaders in the community, feel inspired, and open their eyes to what career paths are available to them, no matter their background.

“I’m honored to partner with BCBA on this important program,” said Alison. “When I was a student, I would have jumped at the chance to participate in a program like this. I hope students will take advantage of getting to hear first-hand from some of our community’s greatest leaders.”

Harold Prior, attorney and the first African American to successfully run for State Attorney in the Democratic primary, will kick off the program on Nov. 23, 2020 at noon via Zoom. Future presentations will be held in person once it is safe to do so.

“What I love most about this initiative, is that it helps our students better identify with their major or program,” said Stephanie Repaci, Campus Director of Student Life at Broward College. “This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to hear from a professional in that industry as to what they can potentially expect in the day-to-day aspects of that career.”

“I am truly elated to work with Alison and Broward College to bring this program to fruition,” said Braulio Rosa, Executive Director at Broward County Bar Association. “I hope this program will inspire students, spark interest and provide a new perspective on possible career paths.”

To learn more about Ignite Your Passion and to register for the first and subsequent presentations, visit

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