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The public often associates the Seminoles with gambling and casinos. However, the tribe has an economic development arm known as the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc. (STOFI).  This incorporated entity has a number of other business ventures  and is branching into more.

Take its growing interest in a food enterprise.   Seminole Pride is a food brand, and under its umbrella is beef, seafood, citrus, energy drinks, juice and spring water.   Complementing this, through a partnership with a Tuscany vineyard, the tribe is producing Intermezzo wine. 

The horizon is filled with other possibilities including a bank and a construction company.

Partner Marc Solomon is General Counsel for the STOFl.  With his experience in regulatory law and business transactions, he provides insight for the Seminole Tribe and all of his clients.  As a client’s business expands, Marc’s expertise proves increasingly valuable. 

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