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In a recent article by the Sun Sentinel, partner Jamie Cole discusses a ballot question facing Broward County registered voters in November. The City of Weston has filed a lawsuit to stop the question from being counted since it is too late to remove it. Jamie serves as the City Attorney for the City.

The ballot question is worded to ask whether voters want “to facilitate” transportation improvements by amending the county charter to allow projects “over conflicting municipal ordinances.” “If a city were to dislike a transportation project, such as when the state Department of Transportation once unsuccessfully proposed a park and ride at Weston’s entranceway, it still would lose to county wishes,” said Jamie.

Jamie explained the ballot question would allow county plans to override city laws for transportation projects that are funded by a voter-approved 2018 penny sales tax. “The basis of the suit is when you put a question on the ballot you are required to do it an objective way,” he said.

Read the full article, here.

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