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Partner Anthony “Tony” Recio is back after more than three years in a Buddhist retreat in Wappingers Falls, New York. He first became a Buddhist in 2010, when he discovered a love for meditation practice and when a spot opened up, he said “OK. Let’s do this.” For the next three years and five months, he lived monastically, with no phone, internet or television.

Tony was the only lawyer in the retreat. He successfully completed the retreat and said four out of ten people had left by the time it ended.

After a while, he began to miss the stress and craved the challenges of being a lawyer. “I really missed the people. I missed the problem solving. I missed, believe it or not, the stress,” Recio said. “There’s a certain energy that is generated by our minds and bodies when we’re under stress, and that can be debilitating if not channeled correctly, but if it is channeled skillfully, it can be invigorating.”

Tony hopes to “help people learn ways and methods to better cope with stress, maybe we can have happier, more gentile lawyers and better serve our clients.”

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