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Congratulations to WSHC+B partner Eric Hockman who has been appointed to The Florida Bar’s AI Tools & Resources Special Committee.

The Special Committee on AI Tools & Resources advises the Board of Governors on adopting and effectively using AI in legal practice. It examines how AI tools interact with current bar rules, how they may change legal practice, and how they can improve access to justice. The committee also identifies AI tools for lawyers and provides education, communication, and resources to ensure that lawyers understand the benefits of AI while maintaining their duty of independent judgment.

“Being appointed to The Florida Bar’s AI Tools & Resources Special Committee is an incredible honor. AI represents the cutting edge of technology and its potential to revolutionize the legal profession is immense,” said Eric Hockman. “I am thrilled to help lead this new frontier, ensuring that we harness AI’s capabilities to enhance the legal practice while upholding the profession’s core values and ethical standards.”

Eric’s practice focuses on complex and technical litigation matters involving business, government, and individuals. He is also the firm’s Information Technology Partner, responsible for all of the firm’s practice management applications, data storage needs, and data security.

Learn more about the Special Committee on AI Tools & Resources here:

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