Local Counsel Representation

When national and international law firms without a local presence in Florida need an excellent local counsel partnership, they often select us.  Many of our attorneys worked in large international New York, Chicago, and Miami-based firms prior to joining us, and we know just what out of state firms need in terms of support and courtroom presence.

Non-Florida firms often worry about being “localed” while in court or before an arbitral or administrative panel or local government.  We can help with this problem.  In addition to our business litigation and trial skills in State and Federal courts, we have cultivated strong and long-standing relationships with our local judiciary and elected officials.  These relationships are not just based on proven success in the courtroom, or at the dais, but by also serving in leadership roles with judges and politicians on various community and court organizations and committees.  We also are active with State court judicial campaigns for election and re-election.  We are well-represented by former Dade County Bar presidents and board members, Florida Board of Governor members and presidents of other Statewide specialty bars.  When our lawyers stand in the well of a court, before an arbitral or administrative panel, or government dais and say they are with "Weiss Serota Helfman," it means something.   

We are also exceedingly respectful of the existing client relationship between the out of state firm and us. We are a local "boutique" practice based in South Florida, and we know how to make the out of state firm comfortable to bring us on board to represent the client. We pride ourselves on our diligence, responsiveness, quality of work and integrity in serving in the local counsel role.