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Fed up with owners who refused to pick up their pets’ waste, the Village of Abacoa Condominium Association implemented a policy to have pets’ DNA tested and then use the results to determine which dogs were defecating on the property. The policy created a rift between supporters who were tired of putting up with dog waste on the property and other owners arguing that the policy was costly, ineffective, and would lead to a number of lawsuits.

Hi-Riser, a weekly publication addressing news items in the community association world, reached out to Joshua D. Krut for his opinion on the matter. Josh recommended that associations implement a policy with clear and defined rules. The association should also enforce these rules properly and consistently. Josh also recommended that owners register their dogs with the association to make sure the animals fall within the size and breed restrictions.

Flouting the association’s rules regarding pets can carry stiff penalties for the offending owner. Beginning July 1, 2011, condominium association boards may ban owners from accessing common areas, such as the pool, gym and clubhouse if they have broken the community association rules. However, an owner must still have access to his or her unit and parking space. The new law makes enforcement against offenders (and their dogs) much easier.

You can read a copy of the Hi-Riser article here.

Author(s): Brooke P. Dolara

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