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WSHC+B partner, managing director of the Boca Raton office and chair of the firm’s Labor and Employment Division, Brett J. Schneider, discussed workplace vaccine mandates with Local 10 News.  The interview took place the same day that President Biden announced plans imposing requirements on certain employers vis-à-vis their employees, including vaccination mandates and frequent testing.

According to Schneider, keeping staff safe and businesses open is what’s motivating employers to take steps that include mandating vaccination requirements.  “Generally the law favors employers that want to mandate vaccination requirements. We absolutely expect to see more mandates,” said Schneider.

More and more employers are reviewing how to keep their employees safe and how to protect the business.  These factors are showing to have more motivations for vaccination requirements than the approval from the FDA for the Pfizer vaccine.

Schneider said, “it seems as though the majority of folks in the workforce want vaccinations, feel more safe in vaccinated environments, feel like if they are going to be in the office they want a safe workplace.” 

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