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In a story published by the Daily Business Review, Joseph Serota discusses his recent favorable settlement on behalf of  Grove Isle Association after two trials, several court cases, and a number of appeals over the span of six years.

“We were able to reach a resolution with the developer, where the developer was taking over some of the expenses that the association would otherwise have had to pay,” Joseph said.

The dispute arose when unit owners contested a new five-story, 65-unit condominium project called Markers Grove Isle. Developers and new landowners wanted to close the facilities the unit owners frequently used and rebuild. The Third District Court of Appeal affirmed an amended agreement between Grove Isle Association and Grove Isle Yacht & Tennis Club LLC, Grove Isle Club, Inc. and Grove Isle Associates LLP, the defendants in the case.

Joseph, the lead attorney in this case and 10 other attorneys from WSHC+B, represented Grove Isle Association. Joseph said compromise between the parties played a huge part in the settlement. He also said the lawsuit shows homeowners should know that development can be opposed and that they aren’t powerless in raising legitimate issues. 

“People do have rights to contest development and judges listen to them. We were able to show that we did have rights that prevented the developer from doing what the developer intended,” Joseph said.

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