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In a story published by Miami Today, Mitch Bierman discussed how 5G availability is spurring growth as Miami-Dade County continues becoming a tech hub. Mitch discussed that fast and reliable internet is not only crucial for public safety but is also essential for businesses.

“I work with a lot of businesses that rely on these upgrades to their service in order to provide the public with the best possible service [in transportation and mobility],” Mitch said.

Miami-Dade commissioners are working to expand the county’s 5G networks over the next couple of months.

“My industry clients in general want to be seen as a partner with local government, providing an essential service to the public.” Mitch said. “It’s like water and power. It’s essential to business and education.”

Mitch represents innovators in the mobility, aviation, telecom and Smart Cities solutions spaces on P3, government relations and public policy matters in Florida and around the country. 

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