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WSHC+B partner and Miami Office Managing Director, Mitch Bierman, recently spoke to Miami Today about how federal and state law has preempted local government regulation of the wireless infrastructure, but how ultimately it will make a considerable difference in economic development. 

“As a general rule and as a lawyer that represents local government,” Mitch explained, “I don’t like preemptions. At the same time, other countries are way ahead of the United States in developing their wireless infrastructure, and it’s because they don’t have local objections slowing down that development. That makes a big difference in economic development.”

Mitch is a skilled attorney specializing in government affairs, public-private partnerships, and municipal law. He serves as the Town Attorney for the Town of Cutler Bay and Village Attorney for the Village of Pinecrest in Miami-Dade County. Mitch’s experience in navigating complex legal and zoning challenges gives him a unique perspective on urban projects.

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