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Firm Managing Director, Mitch Burnstein, was recently featured in Law360’s “Law Firm Leaders.” In this feature, Mitch discusses the Firm’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, nationwide concerns over racial inequality, leadership structure, and the growth of the Firm.

During the pandemic, the Firm has remained “substantially the same as pre-pandemic, but certainly hot areas and hot issues are bubbling up,” said Mitch.

He comments on one of the attributes of a firm of our size, which is the “pivot.” “We encourage cross-training of our lawyers. We will shift around our lawyers, and we constantly are encouraging them to look outside their comfortable wheelhouse for opportunities.”

The Firm has also grown during the pandemic. “Our thinking is that if these candidates were attracted to us at the end of 2019 or before the pandemic really hit in March, as long as the firm was financially sound, we would keep on that same track of bringing these people on board,” Mitch said.

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