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Firm’s Mitch Bierman, Justin Luger and Roger Pou successfully represent the Village of Pinecrest in obtaining Hurricane Irma damage reimbursements

Miami, Fla. – Weiss Serota Helfman Cole + Bierman (WSHC+B) successfully navigated a new federal arbitration process to win a $1.5 million ruling against FEMA on behalf of the Village of Pinecrest. Mitch Bierman, Justin Luger and Roger Pou represented the Village in obtaining reimbursements for damages caused by Hurricane Irma in 2017.

This ruling and form of arbitration are expected to have significant impacts going forward as claims related to Hurricane Ian are filed and evaluated. 

A U.S. Civilian Board of Contract Appeals panel ruled that the Village was wrongfully denied virtually all public assistance funding requests from FEMA. The Village’s claims revolved around various categories of debris clearance and removal activities performed between October and December 2017, in response to damage caused by Hurricane Irma on Sept. 10, 2017.

Federal arbitration can now be sought through this Board as a last resort for claims of at least $500,000 in densely populated areas and at least $100,000 in certain areas with a population of under 200,000. 

“We are thrilled to secure an appropriate outcome for the Village of Pinecrest through this new arbitration procedure,” said Luger. “The Village’s well-documented claims were disregarded by FEMA at every turn. It is heartening to know that there is now an impartial avenue to pursue justified and documented disaster relief reimbursements.”

Bierman, Partner and Miami Office Managing Director at WSHC+B, is Village Attorney for the Village of Pinecrest.

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