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The WSHC+B Labor & Employment group, led by Lindsay Massillon and supported by Erica Hausdorff, has delivered a legal victory for the City of Naples. On November 9, Twentieth Judicial Circuit Judge Lauren Brodie granted summary judgment in favor of the City of Naples on allegations that the City violated the Florida Public Whistleblower’s Act.

The plaintiff, who served as the City’s former Director of Technology Services, alleged he was constructively discharged, claiming it was in retaliation for an Ethics Complaint he filed against the Mayor in 2021. However, the WSHC+B team presented compelling evidence that the plaintiff’s resignation was voluntary, highlighting that he had been seeking other employment opportunities well before his resignation in 2021. This key argument, prepared and argued by Lindsay Massillon with Erica Hausdorff’s support, effectively dismantled the plaintiff’s claims.

This win for the City prevented a complex and potentially disruptive trial, saving the Mayor and Council from being called as witnesses. 

Congratulations to Lindsay Massillon for drafting and arguing the Motion on behalf of the City, as well as Erica Hausdorff for her assistance throughout this case. 

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