We have helped our construction clients, both in the public and private sector, navigate through the many challenges they face. When disputes arise at any stage of construction - whether during planning and development, the bidding process, bonds, contracting, or construction, we are focused on quickly addressing and resolving potential issues to minimize or avoid timely and costly interruptions in closing out the project.

Our clients retain us not just at the planning and contracting stage, but at every step of the dispute resolution and claims management process, through trial or arbitration if necessary.  Where time is money, and the "bottom line" is paramount for both private companies and municipalities guarding the "public's money", we offer both practical and cost-effective solutions for our construction clients, geared toward successful project completion – on time and within budget.

We are also successful construction trial attorneys and our opponents know it.  While we see trial as a last resort, we use our trial skills at every step of the process to achieve a cost-effective solution for our clients.  If our clients find it in their best interest to resolve or settle pretrial, we are prepared.  And if they elect to go to trial, we are loaded for bear.