Public Finance

The Firm's Public Finance Practice Group complements its well-regarded municipal government expertise, and provides high-quality legal service to every player in the public finance arena, from governmental and quasi-governmental entities that need access to capital markets, to underwriters and issuers.  Our focus is obtaining the right result for the client concerning tax-exempt and other financing, whether that client is an issuer, an underwriter, a borrower, a lender, a trustee or a credit enhancement provider. The Group strives to provide extraordinary results but at a cost-effective price point.

The current challenges presented by the economy and the pressure placed on the public finance markets require deft handling and creativity to navigate these difficult times.  With more than 30 years of experience, the Group’s attorneys have achieved success for its clients in every recent economic cycle. We have represented municipalities, counties, districts, community redevelopment agencies, financing authorities and the State of Florida in a variety of public finance capacities.  We have served as Bond Counsel, Issuer’s Counsel, Disclosure Counsel, Underwriters' Counsel, Bank's Counsel, Developer's Counsel and Trustee's Counsel for more than sixty (60) issuers in Florida.

Our experience includes handling financings for almost every type of bond issue, ranging in size from under $1M to over $500M. This broad spectrum of experience gives the Group a unique ability to effectively advise clients on options that may be available for a given transaction and to structure and implement innovative solutions for difficult transactions.